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Arbitrage (Sure Bets)

Arb Spy (G)
We are a FREE service that finds sports arbitrage opportunities (also known as “sure bets”) and bonus arbitrage opportunities from more then 120 online bookmakers and exchanges. (G)
Website that offers a list of SureBets with online bookmakers odds and where to place the bet. Formulation can be alerted to the presence of a high SureBets via e-mail or RSS.

Arbedia (G)
Arbedia is a bet comparison web with sports betting matcher and the best service to compare bets. Open information on our bookmakers’ best arbs and valuebets. The best odds for every match. Real time on-line updates on every event.

OddsHelp – Sure Bets (G)
List of sure bets from OddsHelp (G)
We offer our subscribers the opportunity to make a guaranteed profit from selected sporting events without ever risking a penny with sports arbitrage.

Oddstobet (G)
Welcome to Odds To Bet! If you are interested in sports betting and would like to get free sure bets you had a perfect hit. The website is concerning sure bets (also called betting arbitrages) mainly but you may find other useful information here as well.

ArbitrageGuides (G)
Arbitrage Guides is the place where you can learn everything for sports arbitrage betting and create your own betting strategy. It includes video lessons, text articles and actual examples.

OddStorm – Arbitrage (G)
Fast arbitrage services from OddsStorm

ArbitrageGuides (G)
We are in association with OddStorm and have one free and one paid course to share our experience and all we know for sports arbitrage betting.

RebelBetting (G)
RebelBetting is the latest and most technically advanced sports arbitrage service on the market, offering a user-friendly application that can automatically log in and surf to the correct odds page, even clicking on the odds for you! This speeds up the betting process a lot, enabling you to bet on a lot more arbs that would otherwise disappear.

Beatbookies – Arbitrage (G) – sports arbitrage service that has many powerful features designed to help you make a fortune in sports arbitrage.

Sports Arbitrage Guide (G)
Sports Arbitrage Guide is the place to be if you want to learn about, get started in, or improve your Sports Arbitrage Trading.

BetBrain – Surebet (G)
Check for betting offers with sure winnings! Right now there is one event where the bookmakers’ odds are so different, that you can make sure money by betting on all the outcomes. BetBrain also have a own Sure Bet Forum

SportsBettingWorm (G)
A technique that uses the differences in odds at two or more bookmakers to make guaranteed profit is called sports arbitrage betting or arbitrage trading.

Betsquare – Surebets (G)
Surebet Alert by email. Updates and alerts each 30min. Set your mail preferences Set min. Profit, Set days you wish to receive surebet emails.

SportSureBet (G)
Free sure bets finder and odds comparator with bet stake calculator.

Bettor-Paradise (G)
Free surebets, including cross markets surebets, and free bets optimiser. (G)
An informational site on surebets, how they appear and how to use them.

BMBets – Sure Bets (G)
Raise your chances and become a confident winner

Surebetmonitor (G)
We give you Bets Alert Service that you can get best deals and make money of it. Get a Free Sports Arbitrage Software

CheckBestOdds – Surebets (G)
We provide current surebets for free on our website.

Surebetpro (G)
Its the newest technology to find surebets and do Sports arbitrage. We offer various of options and filters, dozens of Statistics, a logbook, surebet caluculator and great Tutorial Videos of how to get startet.

FixTheOdds (G)
Our free service allows you to turn free sign up incentives offered by bookies into real cash you can withdraw into your account, using a process called matched betting. To find our more on matched betting and how our risk free service can work for you, just visit: (G)
There is very big difference in the bookmakers odds. Sometimes, if you bet on all outcomes in an event is sure of winning money.

Football-Data – Arbitrage (G)
Technically, there is one way to guarantee that a profit is made from a fixed odds sports bet – arbitrage. (G) is a provider of Sports Arbitrage Alerts (also known as arbs).

Intelligentodds (G)
Download the Most Comprehensive, Actionable Guide on Matched Betting You Will Find ANYWHERE Online

Wettportal – Surebet (G) generates surebets by comparing more than 50 sportsbooks close to realtime

Mathbet (G)
MathBet – Ultimate Arbitrage Tool is the future of arbitrage betting. Our sophisticated search engine is able to find cross-market arb combinations like no other service on the market.

Wikipedia – Arbitrage betting (G)
Betting arbitrage, surebets, sports arbitraging or engineer betting is a particular case of arbitrage arising on betting markets due to either bookmakers’ different opinions on event outcomes or plain errors

Myarbets (G)
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