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Money Management

BetBind (G)
Bet Bind offers a way to keep track of all the bets you place. Keep an accurate record of your wins and losses to help reveal trends, and learn what works well and what doesn’t.

Sbgglobal – Money Management (G)
Online betting money management is one area of online betting that is not talked about nearly enough. Many online betting players can find ways to pick winners, but fail when it comes to money management. What things can we do to improve our online betting money management skills?

BetShoot – Martingale (G)
Martingale is a so-called system -in my opinion- invented by antient casinos. This wagering system is based on doubling your money after each loser bet and turning back to the first step after each winner bet.

TheStakingMachine – Kelly (G)
The Kelly staking plan is based on using the ‘Kelly Constant’ i.e. start bank. Kelly’s Criteria was developed in 1956 by John L. Kelly and is designed to maximize the growth of your bank-roll over the long term, by determining the optimal stake on a bet.

Bettingadvice – Money Management (G)
The average punter loose his money to the bookmaker largely as a result of poor money management. Bookmakers can from time to time present very good prices, espescially after the bookmaker has had a few good weeks (often weeks with surprise results, many favourites losing, etc), and punters’ accounts are running empty.

Turtle Trader – Money Management (G)
In the twenty-first century it has become fashionable to manage one’s own investments, yet few traders implement disciplined, professional money management strategies.

Football-Data – Betting Risks (G)
Every time a punter places a bet, he stakes a small proportion of his bankroll, the size of which may or may not vary, according to the punter’s preferences and judgements about staking

Ultimatecapper – Money Management (G)
The goal here is to formulate and explain a money management system that is user-friendly, works in the long term, and can have a real impact on creating and retaining profit from your sportsbetting investment

Football-Data – Staking Plans (G)
There are really two parts to a successful betting strategy. The first is to find a successful method of predicting sporting events through the principles of value betting. Without an edge, no betting system will be successful.

Wikipedia – Anti Martingale (G)
The Anti-Martingale betting strategy is the opposite of the better known Martingale approach. In a classic Martingale betting style, gamblers will increase their bets after each loss in hopes that an eventual win will recover all previous losses. – Staking Strategy (G)
Here is a money management system used by Silver Circle members to protect their funds whilst at the same time allowing for bigger stakes as profits accumulate.

Wikipedia – Kelly Criterion (G)
In probability theory, the Kelly criterion, or Kelly formula, is a formula used to maximize the long-term growth rate of repeated plays of a given gamble that has positive expected value

GoonersGuide – Money Management (G)
This is the section where we discuss basic principles that WILL help you to collect more from your winning bets – and also lose less on your losing bets. This is the MONEY lesson and it’s the simpliest to do (it takes about an hour to setup) and just a little bit of discipline to use in order to ensure better returns – but many punters will never take this step.

Wikipedia – Martingale (G)
Originally, martingale referred to a class of betting strategies popular in 18th century France. The simplest of these strategies was designed for a game in which the gambler wins his stake if a coin comes up heads and loses it if the coin comes up tails. – Moneymanagement (G)
Money Management is the single most important element that makes a sucessful punter. It is also the single most important element that makes a sucessful bookmaker. 2016 Frontier Theme