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Advice and Strategies – Articles (G)
Different articles about better gambling

Learnmatchedbetting (G)
Learn how to turn free bets into guaranteed profit using matched betting.

AccaNation (G)
Acca Nation aims to be a complete guide for accumulator bettors covering how to bet, where to bet and the best strategies to win more.

MyBetinfo – Articles (G)
Different articles tips & advise to become a better gambler

BeingObject (G)
A betting blog giving objective advice and articles to gamblers seeking to become more profitable. Covers a wide range of topics including sports and poker, plus money management and staking systems.

OLGB Betting School HOT (G)
Betting School is a fun way to learn about different types of bets, methods of betting, systems and strategies. The aim is to help you to improve your betting and your enjoyment of betting.

BettingAdvice – Know yourself (G)
With sportsbetting as with everything else in life, it’s important to set yourself a goal. If you don’t have a goal with your betting, it may get out of hand. You may start betting every day, you may start betting harder to make up for earlier losses, you suddenly place impulsive bets, and the whole thing can become rather unpleasant – Betting Strategies (G)
Every punter has got his/her own strategy or sports betting systems how he/she manages to get some decent betting profits. Here those different ways to increase your betting account balance shall be presented.

BettingAdvice – Match Analysis (G)
It’s time to pick games, it’s time to consider what’s good bets, what’s good odds, get a market view, gather info about teams and events, etc.

OnlineBettingExposed (G)
Systems and strategies to improve your betting profits.

BigFreeBet – Sportsbetting Help (G)
Learn how to understand betting terms and systems, select the best markets and generally how to get more out of your bets.

RC – Sports Betting strategy (G)
Right Casino offers a sports betting learning guide containing 5 lessons. It is ideal for beginners, covering betting systems, key terms and communities.

BookieBusters – How To Win (G)
We begin our series on how to win money at sports betting, and although we don’t expect or claim that what we detail will be an exhaustive series of articles

Soccer Punter – Betting Advice (G)
In the world of soccer betting, like in real life, it is important to define a goal and work towards it. If you start uncontrolled betting, with high stakes to make up for the loss, if you bet every day without any aim, things will usually not go the way you wanted.

E-Fansite (G)
Sports betting blog that examines how punters behave and gives advice on different aspects of sports betting. Includes odds, injuries, trading, how to choose bookmakers and more.

SoccerWidow (G)
Knowledge compendium for personal growth – gambling competency, financial literacy, life skills, creative problem solving, understanding betting odds.

Football-Data – Betting Strategy (G)
Most football match prediction utilises a points rating scheme. The number of points which a team is awarded is dependent upon the outcome of previous matches involving that team.

SuperBetting – Guides (G)
A range of Free Betting Guides for Absolute Beginners, Bettors with experience and Advanced Punters. Online Betting lessons for every type of bettor that will help turn you into a Professional Player.

GoonersGuide – Advanced Betting Strategy (G)
If you’ve been betting a while – and breaking even – or even making a minor profit – then this page might help take you to the next stage. This section does not contain “sure-fire systems” – but the principles needed to win and be a successful punter. (G)
Everything you need to make a success of accumulator betting. Includes guides on how to create accumulators, and how to work out the returns, plus tutorials on how to set up your accumulators at each of the major online bookmakers.

GoonersGuide – Basic Gambling Pointers (G)
Here are some basic rules that I use to make sure that my betting doesn’t get out of hand. But please be careful out there – and do NOT bet more than you can afford to lose.

Valuebettips – Betting Advise (G)
We are introducing the main definitions and basic rule while we share our experiences. Here you find strategies how to bet. We all hope this overview helps you to be more successful punter and you become wealthier.

GoonersGuide – Special Bets (G)
Some bookmakers offer better special betting options than others and they can be a lot of fun – and potentially lucrative! Here we look at all the “specials” on offer by the bookies for every game. They are not sure-fire systems – but principals needed to win.

Wikipedia – Betting Strategy (G)
Betting strategies or betting systems are approaches to gambling intended to increase the odds of winning. Systems are designed to produce long term profits from activities that are often loss making. 2016 Frontier Theme