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Asian Handicap

AsianBookie – Asian Handicap (G)
Asian Handicap (also known as Hang Cheng) eliminates the possibility of a draw in a soccer game. This means that either the home side or the away side is a winner on your bet. Each team is given a handicap by the bookmaker, which is supposed to balance them so that an equal number of betters will bet each side. – Asian (G)
In simple terms Asian odds provides a two outcomes, fixed odds, spread betting option on various sporting events. The spread, or handicaps provided can vary from zero points, known as DNB or draw no bet, to several points.

AsianCapper – Asian Handicap (G)
Starting it short, Asian Handicap is a popular way to bet on the outcome of football games where the options to choose from are reduced from 3 to 2. Many sites are telling that the draw is “eliminated” which is not really so – it is not possible to bet exactly and only on draw but draw can mean profit or loss depending on the handicap so it features equally as any other possible outcome.

Oddschecker – Asian Handicap (G)
With Asian Handicaps you bet on the favourite or the underdog rather than “home win”, “draw” or “away win”.The handicap removes the gap in ability between the favourite and underdog making the match a contest of equal ability.

AsianhandicapGuide (G)
All you need to know about Asian Handicap Betting in one place.

OLGB – Asian Handicap (G)
In Asian Handicap betting, effectively the draw is taken out of play and a competitive market formed. So rather than deciding between home, draw and away, you simply decide which team you think is the best bet on the Asian Handicap they have been given or that they receive.

AsianHandicapGuide (G) – All you need to know about Asian Handicap bets in one place, along with Excel spreadsheet to easily settle any type and line of Asians!

Premier-Betting – Asian Handicap (G)
Asian Handicaps are a relatively new type of bet, which eliminate the draw and create more equal odds for the two remaining outcomes by awarding a theoretical advantage to the weaker side/disadvantage to the stronger side. (G)
Information about Asian Handicaps, football betting popular all over the world. Curious interesting facts about handicaps.

Scommessesicure – Asian Handicap (G)
Asian handicap bets represent a new way of betting. In particular, there is a tendency to avoid the mismatching of abilities between two teams assigning to one of the two a certain advantage, that can consist of advantage goals if it relates to soccer matches, games or sets if it relates to tennis matches, etc. in order to ensure the match is “balanced”.

Betshoot – Asian Handicap (G)
Asian handicap betting offers the underdog of the game with an early lead before the kick off. You have two options. Betting on home or away.

Soccerpunter – AH Betting (G)
Asian Line betting is the most popular way of betting on football in the Far East. It offers great value to the bettor and is potentially less risky than traditional “Win-Draw-Win” style betting. You must either select the favoured team to overcome a handicap (framed in goals) or oppose the favourite with the handicap.

Betting Corner – Asian Handicap (G)
Asian handicap is a special sort of handicap where the possibility of a draw in soccer game is eliminated. Your winning chance is increased from 33% to 50%. We can set quarter ball handicaps aswell and special rules come into play. Below are explained different Asian handicaps.

Valuepunter – Asian Handicaps Explained (G)
Hang Cheng betting is known to Europeans as Asian Handicap betting. There are some very good reasons why Asian Handicap betting is so popular in Asia. Compared to traditional fixed odds betting Asian Handicap betting is slightly more complicated but wins hands down when it comes to betting on soccer. – Asian Handicap (G)
Asian Handicap is a form of betting, which has become very popular in Asia (thus the name Asian Handicap). You may also have heard about Asian Handicap from the name “Hang Cheng”. “Handicap” means that a team has received a virtual head start, effectively leading the game with 1/2 goal, 1/4 goal, 3/4 goal, 1 goal, 1 1/4 goal, etc. When you bet with Asian Handicap, the possibility for a draw in a game is eliminated. Only home or away win exist. If the game ends in a draw, you will get your stake back

Wikipedia – Asian Handicap (G)
The Asian handicap system eliminates any chance for loss due to a tie, which increases the gamblers’ chances of success (or loss). From a mathematical point of view, the gamblers’ chances of success is same as in fixed odds betting. Bookmakers adjust Asian handicap odds (decrease a favorite team’s odd and increase the opposite odd) more frequently than fixed odds, thereby charging the gamblers more Vigorish for the more probable outcome and reaching the break-even situation more quickly. – Asian Handicap (G)
A comprehensive explanation of Asian Handicap for beginners. Clear examples and various forms of Asian Handicap included.

WSN – Asian Handicap (G)
The easiest way to explain this is Manchester United starts the game with an extra 0.5 goal. If the match ends in a score of 0 : 0, then a bet on Man U wins because of the extra 0.5 goal. If Chelsea wins the game 0 : 1, then a bet on Chelsea wins. 2016 Frontier Theme